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The Shasta
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Blending Indoors and Out, Seamlessly.

The Shasta is inspired by the coastal homes of Northern California. Featuring beautiful NanaWall Folding Glass Door Systems, tall windows, and abundant skylights, The Shasta seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces. The Shasta’s high vaulted ceilings, open-concept kitchen and great room, 3 bedrooms, and 2 full baths make this spacious home feel even more so with ample space to comfortably retire or raise a family.

Petite Homes currently services the Province of Ontario.

Introducing The Shasta


  • 3 bedroom + 2 bath
  • 1,299 sqft / 1 story
  • Wood or Metal construction
  • 4’-0” shallow pour concrete foundation
  • Ceiling heights from 13’-3” at vault to 9’0” in spare bedrooms and bathrooms

Open-concept kitchen & great room, large skylights, tall windows, NanaWall Moving Glass Door Systems in bedrooms and living area, minimal & modern design.

Appliances not included.

Blending Indoors and Out

With abundant glass throughout, The Shasta is designed to maximize interior light, blending indoors and out seamlessly.

Designed around you

Our licensed interior designer will work with you to customize the details of your Shasta so that it feels...well, just like home.

Financing Available

Financing is available for Petite Homes builds. We can connect you with our financing partner to help you determine if financing is right for you.

* Advertised monthly rates are based on a 5-year fixed rate term at 5.5%, amortized over 30 years. As always, it’s important to assess each property independently with your mortgage agent as some elements are variable, i.e. property taxes. Mortgage rates and terms are subject to lender’s criteria for residential properties. All mortgages are subject to certain credit criteria, the property meeting lender residential property standards and maximum permitted loan amounts.

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Explore The Shasta and see the care that we’ve put into making The Cascadia the perfect tiny home. 

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The first step is finding out if your property qualifies for a Petite Homes build. With some quick info from you, our team will call you to set up a no-obligation call to answer any questions you might have, after which we’ll check your property to determine your eligibility for a Petite Homes build.