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Introducing: The Craftsman

  • 1 bed + 1 Bath
  • 450 sqft
  • 27’ 8”L x 16’ 6”W x 15’3” H

Full-size kitchen, bedroom and bath with vaulted ceilings and an outdoor patio – all with modern finishes and appliances.
Meets or exceeds City of Windsor zoning regulations for Second Residential Units!
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Welcome Home.

Download the Geopogo app and you can literally walk through the front door of a life-size Petite Home - right in your own backyard.

City of Windsor Zoning Approved as a Second Residential Unit

Petite Homes models are fully compliant with the City of Windsor's Second Residential Unit zoning requirements.

Petite Homes Build Options

Turnkey Build

Petite Homes has partnered with providers for every step of the build, from financing to construction.

Sign up today at no obligation to determine if you and your property qualify for a Petite Home installation.

Average Build Cost

Do It Yourself

Already have mortgage approval, architects and construction teams in place? Great!

Purchase the full set of Petite Homes building plans and get started today for only


Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Turnkey Build?

The Turnkey Build includes everything necessary to build your Petite Home:

  • Mortgage financing through LendCity Mortgages
  • Site review including placement options and sewer, water, hydro and gas connections
  • Formal site plan for the City of Windsor permitting
  • All necessary City of Windsor building permits
  • On-site construction of your new Petite Home

Am I guaranteed a home if I sign up?

No. Building a Petite Home requires financing approval and site approval. Not all sites are suitable in size or other factors for a Petite Home build.

You are under no obligation in the event you don’t qualify for financing or your site is not suitable for a Petite Home.

Are the site inspection and site plan absolutely necessary?

Yes. Before commitment, we need to determine how service connections will be met. A formal site plan with property and existing building dimensions is required.

Do I need to get City of Windsor approval to proceed with this project?

Yes. All construction must be submitted to the City for permit application and approval.

What factors determine whether or not I will be able to pursue this project?

  • Financing and costing approval
  • Final site review for services
  • City of Windsor Permit approval

What role does Petite Homes play in the process?

Petite Homes Inc provides the main design of the Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU), and coordinates the partnerships for site reviews, permits, financing and construction through our trusted partners, LendCity Mortgages, MMA Architect Inc., and Alliance Construction.

Are more designs available?

Right now, we’re focusing on The Craftsman, however we’re working on additional designs, footprints and floorplans that will be made available in the future.

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