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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Are Petite Homes models legal in my city?

Petite Homes models, also known as Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs, are legal in a growing list of municipalities across Canada, including Windsor, Ontario, thanks to many new recent laws and bylaws that have made ADUs much easier to permit, approve and build.

Do I need to plan for additional parking on my property?

While each municipality is different, the City of Windsor, by example, has zoned a special parking exemption zone around the majority of the city to encourage the development of ADUs. In other municipalities where additional parking spots may be required, we can help you plan for this in the site design process.

Is a site SURVEY included?

No. If a site survey is needed, it will be an additional charge, which varies by municipality.

Is the permit fee included?

Yes, the permit fee is included in the base price.

What type of foundation is used?

The home is built on an insulated, poured concrete pad foundation surrounded by a 4′-deep barrier wall.

What about utilities?

Connections to utilities such as hydro and sewage vary depending on site conditions and municipal regulations. We’ll provide an estimate for you once we’ve reviewed your property.

What about Furniture and window treatments?

Furniture and window treatments aren’t included in the base price, however our interior designer can work with you to select the perfect options for your taste and style.

Are Petite Homes models ada-compliant?

The standard Craftsman is not ADA-compliant. We can, however, modify your plans to be ADA-compliant for an additional cost.

How do I get started?

The first step is to let us know the address where you’d like to build a Petite Home model to ensure your lot is eligible for an ADU.

After we’ve determined that your property is eligible for an ADU, we’ll be in touch to schedule an introductory meeting where we’ll review the process with you and address any questions you might have. 

See our How It Works page for more information.

Pricing & Revenue

How much does the Craftsman cost and what's included?

The Craftsman starts at $225,000. The price includes the start-to-finish process of building the home: design work, permits, approvals, construction materials, fit-and-finish, and construction.*

Does the Price ever increase?

The price for your Craftsman can increase if there are non-standard or unusual site conditions, or due to any upgrades or customizations you request not included in the standard packages. Costs for utility connections (hydro and sewer), as well as any development fees or other charges imposed by your municipality are also not included and vary depending on municipality and property details.*

Will my property taxes increase?

Adding an ADU will increase the value of your property, so your property taxes will increase. We suggest consulting with your municipality to determine the rate of increase you can expect and when it would take effect.

Do I have to pay HST on my new home?

In the majority of cases, yes. Since ADUs are added to an existing home’s property, they don’t qualify for new home tax rebates. 

Can I generate revenue with The Craftsman, and if so how much?

Yes! The Craftsman is perfect as a rental unit.

Based on the average apartment rental rates in Windsor, Ontario, homeowners can expect to make up to $12,000 or more in rental income after expenses each year with The Craftsman**.

*Costs and income potential figures are estimates only. Actual costs and values determined by market.

How will a Petite Home affect the sale price of my home?

Having an ADU such as The Craftman can increase property value and therefore can boost the price of the primary home when it’s time to sell. However, many factors go into home prices, and every case is unique.

Still have questions?

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